Helping Support Local Families

JuiceVibes tribe-member, Devan McElveen began working at our Cary location in 2017. This bright and beautiful 22 year old did not have the same struggles the average teenager and college kid has. She was diagnosed with stage III melanoma her senior year of high school. On her journey of fighting this disease she found herself working at JuiceVibes where she also found her passion to help others and make a difference in this world. Although her doctors remained aggressive with treatments, Devan succumbed to the disease on January 4th of 2018.

After losing our tribe member to cancer, her family (Anna and Jamie Bonner) and JuiceVibes made it a mission to keep her passion and memory alive by helping other families and community members that are fighting this same battle. Devan lives on through how she inspired so many people with her strength, courage, grace, and determination to not let cancer get the best of her. To live life fully everyday and to not take one moment for granted. For her, it did not. She lives on and continues to make a difference through The DEVAN PROJECT.

The Devan Project helps support local families struggling to fight this disease. It offers nutritional support for the entire family, financial support, emotional support & more. Its about giving these families the direct help they need and not letting them become another statistic. To show them we care and they are not alone!

To find out how you can contribute to this mission visit your local store or you can donate here.

If you know of a family that is in need of The Devan Project please email