Elizabeth Layman

Born & raised in Raleigh NC, CEO & founder Elizabeth Layman started JuiceVibes in hopes to educate communities about the link between diet and disease. Suffering from anxiety, digestive disorders, chronic colds, and more growing up and into her mid twenties, had no clue that all of it was somehow linked to her diet. At age 28, she tried a vegan/plant-based diet and has not looked back since. Elizabeth creates all of the culinary-inspired, nutrient dense menu items to ensure quality, balance and taste. She wanted JuiceVibes to be an integral part of someone’s health journey. A place where someone could customize their order based on their own health needs. A place where people could come for support, compassion, education and to nourish their bodies with plant-based goodness. "Its about being a resource and connecting with our communities so that we can truly make an impact and change the course of the way we look at food. To be a conscious consumer is to make choices that are compassionate and kind for our bodies, for animals and the earth.

Stephanie Denton

My passion in life has always been to serve others. Being in education I loved that I was able to help students grow and make a difference in their lives, but after 7 years I knew that God was calling me to do more . I said, “I want to be apart of something great , something that is going to make an impact in the World, something that will change people’s lives and something that is done with Love. After praying for several months , I happened to hear about “Juicevibes.” So, I decided to check this place out . Instantly when I walked into the door, I met this incredible person Liz who had all the same visions for her company . Liz and I partnered together to bring health , love and change to our community through Juicevibes. When your foundation is built on kindness, compassion and Hard work the Sky is the Limit.

Drink Juice.
Be Happy.

JuiceVibes offers fresh, nutrient dense juices, smoothies and munchies with only the purest ingredients available.

Super cool spot for a healthy breakfast!!