Drink Raw. Live Long.

Elizabeth Layman

Liz has a passion for fitness, health and living a really happy lifestyle.  She started JuiceVibes to offer nutrient dense juices and smoothies with only the purest ingredients available.  She also follows a mostly plant based diet that is rich in nutrients and minerals, a stress free lifestyle, and finds strength in the ability to obtain her personal and physical goals and help others achieve the same.

Jessica Albea

Jessica grew up in Greenville, NC and in 2015 she attended Wilmington Yoga Center's "Yoga & Lifestyle Teacher Training" where she experienced her life-changing, ahh-ha moment. There she was introduced to the in's & out's of our food system and started living a predominantly plant-based diet, cutting out meat and dairy. Energy soared, stomach issues dissipated and she wanted to share the benefits of this lifestyle with others.  After losing her grandfather to cancer, she became passionate about alternative cancer research and how food plays a huge part in our overall quality of life, especially during a cancer journey. She is thrilled to offer clean, nutrient-dense options to her hometown and to touch the lives in this community. 

Stephanie Denton

Stephanie is from North Carolina and always had a passion for serving people and bringing love to the world. She received her masters in Education at East Carolina University where she pursued teaching and was in education for seven years. After teaching she prayed and asked God what He wanted her to do next. About 6 months later her mom called her and said "Stephanie you need to go to Greenville and try this place called JuiceVibes." Well she did and fell in love with the mission. She saw an opportunity to change peoples lives through a plant-based lifestyle. She immediately told her mom, let's meet with the Founder and see if we can open one in Cary. One year later they have a store in Cary, NC. She serves people daily and teaches people about a healthy lifestyle. Stephanie believes that when you surrender your life you have no idea what door will open up. She is so grateful for the opportunity to be a resource for the Cary community and to help change the world through health and love.